about kinky campers

LadySinaz and _Mountain_Man_ have offered up their spacious property to kinksters for camping in the Sussex area for the first time in 2022. Porta-potties will be on premises from June to August, so arrangements can be made for bubble camping events during the summer. Tentative dates so far for two main events are July 23rd for Kink Camping and August 27 for Swingers Camping - so the different lifestyles can have a good vibe with each other.

Onsite amenities include both indoor and outdoor equipment on premises:

St. Andrews cross, spanking bench, spreader bars, stocks, chains, numerous beating implements and restraints can be offered for use, but bring your own for your comfort levels. Sections of the property will allow for nudity, a section is perfect for Littles to entertain in, and hard points will be installed around the property for outdoor play in nature. There is a pond nearby for lounging or swimming (clothing mandatory) to cool off in the summer heat and even trout fishing. Plans are in the works for future amenities as they grow.

This is another vetted opportunity to get out in nature and arrangements can be made to meet the owners prior to camping.

Cost: Donations are always welcome towards the cost of the portapotties as well as to allow the camping area and amenities to grow.