about kinky campers

Don't Attract the Emergency Services

The main rule for both camps is give no reason for a visit by the fire department, the ambulance service or the police.

This means your activities should not cause any reason for these to be called the properties.

If your actions lead to a visit by the emergency services, you will be banned. (barring actual legit medical emergencies that were out of your control)

Don't be Fucking Creepy

If you were not invited to participate in an activity, assume you are not part of it. If it is out in the open, it is likely you can watch from a distance. Unless otherwise specified to be ok, don't be watching and yanking.

DO NOT invite yourself to touch anyone or participate in scenes.

If you are still looking for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror.

Don't be a Kink Shamer

This should go without saying but.....

Everyone has their things, which may not be your things. If there is a scene not to your liking both properties have plenty of space for you to go somewhere else until it is done. Leave people to their kink and mind ya business.

Camp Etiquette

Your trash is your own.

Bring your own trash bags when you arrive and take your trash bags when you leave. Do not leave your loose trash and / or full trash bags for the property owners to deal with. Both "camps" are on private property and are not professional campgrounds.

Secure your food

Country property is shared with wild and sometimes semi domesticated animals. The smell of food will attract animals to the camp. Locking your food in your vehicle is your best bet when going to bed for the night.

Did I mention animals?

Camp Fellhiem is known for bears, deer, cats and raccoons. The raccoons will for sure make off with your shit if you don't secure it :D

Most of the animals will stay away and not bother anyone including the bears. But bear spray and bells could come in handy to scare them off if they do show up.


Depending on the camp and situation at the time, running water may be available. If it is, do not over indulge in the property owners generosity. Both sites run off of wells.


Power may be available for phone charging etc. But like the water, don't count on it or abuse it when available.


Do not throw anything other than toilet paper in the porta potties. Wipes and such clog the hoses of the cleaning trucks.

Don't be sketchy

These camping opportunities are for friends and friends of friends primarily. We want to be open to people new to the area or new to the community to also use them as a get away and a way to meet new people. Having said that plz don't be a sketch ball. While some people won't get along with other people for a laundry list of reasons, if you show obviously sketchy behavior you will be banned from the group, banned from the properties and depending on the severity of you sketchy behavior the consequences could go beyond camp.

Examples of sketchy behavior include but are not limited to:

  • Trying to circumvent our vetters requests.
  • Not taking no for an answer to online or in person advances.
  • Being a complete douche canoe when your advances are not reciprocated.
  • Trolling peoples real lives outside of the community when not invited to do so. and so on and so forth.